Hi, my name is Simone. Who am I, you ask? I’m a hot superhero with a passion for lesbian porn, duh!

I’ve been watching lesbian porn for years. Not only do I love watching the best lesbian porn content, but lately, I’ve fallen in love with sharing my knowledge of lesbian porn with the world!

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Our Story

Besides being a superhero, I use my powers to be an expert in the lesbian porn world. I’ve spent a lot of time being entertained by and studying lesbian porn.

And let me tell you – the lesbian porn market is a huge niche! And it’s certainly an interesting niche, too.

One of the reasons this is the case is because lesbian porn has a very large male audience, but there are also many fans from the LGBTQ+ community who love lesbian porn too! When you throw in a few heterosexual women who also tend to enjoy lesbian porn, you’ve got a variety of demographics that all have various tastes and expectations from their porn content. Some people are looking for ethical porn content, while others seek taboo (like fake mother and daughter scenes) and hardcore videos. The lesbian porn world has a lot to offer in terms of subcategories and sub-niches. There’s something for everyone!  

My goal is to review ALL types of lesbian porn to shed some light on the incredible diversity within this porn category.


Mission Statement

My mission is to guide you through this wonderfully wide world of lesbian porn, leading you to content that suits your preferences, satisfies your needs, and resonates with you as a person.

My purpose is to indiscriminately shine light on the best lesbian porn sites, all the while being objective about the sites’ strengths and weaknesses. Ultimately, I want you to experience a lesbian porn journey that is filled with passion, excitement, and inspiration! There is a lot of lesbian porn available to you online nowadays. Don’t be fooled by mediocre sites trying to lure you in. Use the review lists on my site to find the best lesbian sites for your preferences and (in the case of paid sites) your budget.

My Core Values


On this site, I do my best to celebrate the passionate expression of lesbian love through high-quality online porn content. Whether it’s sensual or hardcore content, let’s highlight the intense passion felt in the best lesbian sex scenes. Porn can be soulless, or it can be soulful, deep, and passionate. Let’s keep lesbian porn soulful, deep, and passionate.


There is tremendous diversity in the lesbian community, and I want to highlight the strength that comes from this diversity. With various audiences, various sub-niches and sub-categories, and various styles, lesbian porn has a lot to offer to many different groups of viewers and performers. I want to show how incredible this can be for the porn community.


Anything and everything I do in my life is driven by the pursuit of excellence. My goal is to bring the same energy to finding, reviewing, and sharing lesbian porn that I would to being a superhero. I’m using my powers for the good of the lesbian porn community!